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Bergauer AG


We supply sophisticated command and control systems for transport infrastructure projects and industrial process automation. Our services start from the specifications phase and extend right through to long-term servicing and maintenance of the systems.


Reliability Our clients can rely on our experience and expertise.
We stand by our word.

Our system solutions are based on internally developed, expandable components that we adapt precisely to the requirements demanded.

Value retention We maintain the systems for their entire service life and so ensure not only their functional capacity but also protect the value of the investment over the long term.

Innovation For us, innovation means integrating the latest technical advances into the systems in such a way that functionality is further enhanced but compatibility is not impaired.

Going the
extra mile
Skilled and high-achieving staff are the foundation of our business. Our staff are always ready to go the extra mile for the client in the knowledge that the success of the business depends not only on its technical competence but also on its quality of service.

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