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TTM® infraMaster
  • Overall command system for monitoring and operating extensive technical transport infrastructures.
  • Rapid and safe intervention in response to incidents in the traffic system.
  • Uniform and event-orientated view of all installations.
  • Priority-controlled alerting of the relevant services.
  • Chronological logging of alerts, operating statuses and user interventions.
  • Statistical reports for analyses.

System architecture
  • Hierarchical structure comprising control, command and communication levels
  • Browser-enabled control level
  • Command computer with redundant backup and database server
  • High-availability communication computer for each tunnel or section of road
  • Support of multiple command centres and monitoring domains
  • Future-proof, non platform-dependent system software due to Java and open source technology


Web-enabled operation and visual display
  • Monitoring from any location
  • Cross-system, event-orientated process views
  • Information forum, e.g. for co-ordinating servicing work
  • Operation of large-format visual display with integral video monitors

  • Visual and audible alarms in the control centres
  • Filtering of alarm and fault signals according to user groups and monitoring domains
  • Alerting of standby service by text message or pager

Intervention in the event of incidents
  • Automatic execution of predefined responses
  • Manual and semi-automatic execution of action sequences
  • User assistance by means of action prompts
  • Management of executive responsibilities

Logging and reports
  • Chronological logging of all status changes and user interventions
  • Flexibly configurable reports for data analysis
  • Operating data archiving

Interfaces with third-party systems
  • OPC, ModBusTCP, SOAP/XML, TCP/IP ASCII interface, digital I/O
  • SMS, e-mail
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