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TTM® netControl
  • Traffic management system for central control and management of traffic light systems and road networks.
  • Compatible with open standard interfaces OCIT Instation and OCIT Outstation.
  • Flexibly adaptable to custom requirements and control units.
  • Straightforward integration in existing infrastructures due to modern web and browser technology.
  • Long-term investment security due to use of open-source and Java technologies.

System architecture
Modular, scalable design consisting of communication, command system and traffic control levels. The individual levels are interconnected by means of a high-performance process data bus.

Traffic control level: traffic control computer for traffic-dependent macro and network control. Traffic data server for summarising, statistical analysis and archiving of all accumulated traffic data.

Command system level: application server for operation, visual display, alerting, operating data logging and supply of the control units.

Communication level: communication computer with the most important basic functions for limited normal operation. Data transfer to control units of various makes via modems and routers.


Web-enabled operation and visual display

  • Network overview, road and route views
  • Detailed intersection views and online signal plan visualisations
  • Distance/time charts
  • Operating status display and choice of operating modes

Traffic control
  • Manual control
  • Macro control – traffic-dependent choice of programme
  • Control by yearly programme
  • Adaptive network control

Command system functions
  • Visual and audible alarms in control centre
  • Alerting of standby service by text message or pager
  • Logging and analysis of all operating data
  • Logging of supply data history
  • Raw data server – storage of all signal group and detector data

OCIT interfaces
  • OCIT Outstation Version 1.1 and Version 2.0
  • OCIT Instation process data server
  • OCIT Instation supply data server

Interfaces with non-OCIT devices
  • OZS 3 – real-time interface for process data
  • Device-specific interfaces
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