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TTM® nodeControl
  • Control unit for traffic light systems
  • Ideal for complex intersections
  • Multiple redundant signal backup
  • OCIT standard fully supported
  • High performance and reliability
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Flexible adaptability to specialised requirements
  • VS-PLUS traffic control process

System architecture
Traffic system safety due to hardware and software architecture with redundant backup
  • Two-stage testing of required setting matrix with phasing times on the control module
  • Conflict matrix monitoring using actual data from entire intersection on all signal controllers
  • Current and voltage measurement of all signal sensors
  • System self-monitoring with load disconnection on occurrence of safety-related faults

Traffic-dependent control based on established and proven VS-PLUS process

  • Process and supply data interface to OCIT Outstation standard
  • Operation and simulation using touch-screen with situation-accurate representation of intersection
  • Comprehensive testing and diagnosis options on service panel
  • Intersection subdivision operation for up to 4 sub-intersections
  • Detailed status, traffic data and red-signal infringement reports
  • Traffic data statistics

Technical specifications

Mechanical construction
Swing frame with 19" rack
Control module Embedded industrial PC with real-time operating system, diskless and fanless
Archive storage 512 MB on USB stick
Data interfaces
1 Ethernet port and 5 RS-232 ports
Signal controller
Intelligent interface card with configurable monitoring parameters
16 monitored outputs, 230 VAC or 40 VAC
16 digital inputs, 24 VDC
Monitored outputs
Max. 256 (current and voltage monitored)
Detector module
Max. 128 channels
Special inputs/outputs
Max. 128 unmonitored digital inputs/outputs
Operating temperature
-20 °C to +70 °C

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