Bergauer AG is an experienced software engineering company from Switzerland, which is dedicated to building smart and reliable traffic and infrastructure management systems.

Modern traffic management solutions improve public transport infrastructure by optimizing traffic flow and reacting dynamically to changing traffic, road and weather conditions.
Modern Infrastructure Management Solutions ensure the safe and sustainable operation of buildings and facilities, as well as entire urban infrastructures, by facilitating the consistent supervision and control of essential structures.

Innovative solutions for complex challenges

We understand the complex nature of the challenges our customers face in supervising, operating and controlling their traffic and building infrastructures and we strive to develop innovative and customized solutions to the point.

Our solution-oriented team works with reliable technology

What we do, we do well. Our software solutions have been successfully in use for decades and are based on proven and reliable cutting-edge technology. By using established interfaces, standardized protocols and a modular architecture, our solutions are adaptable and especially designed for long-term applications.

Added value through continuous service

Our long-standing development team is based in Switzerland and guarantees maximum continuity and Swiss reliability throughout the entire life cycle. We maintain the value of your investment by continuously providing software updates as well as first-class service.

Our response to the quest for the best solution possible.

For more than 30 years, we have been developing customer-specific solutions in traffic and infrastructure management.

Trusting only in proven and battle-tested base technologies, our solutions are made for the long term.

Creating and preserving value for our customers is our top priority.

We build trust in our solutions by providing  an excellent and continuous service.

Our Products

Smart traffic control for highways and high-performance roads
The innovative management system for tunnel infrastructures.
The central guidance system for urban living spaces