The central guidance system for

urban living spaces

Increased quality of life

infraMaster city improves the quality of life for citizens in urban areas by providing comprehensive tools for the smooth monitoring and operation of critical infrastructures.

For communities and cities

By centrally monitoring and controlling essential utility networks, buildings and transport routes, infraMaster city helps small communities and big cities operate and maintain their public infrastructure.

​​​​​​​Central control and management

The integrated software solution infraMaster city enables the central control and management of the entire infrastructure of a community or city.

Thanks to the smooth integration of technical and operational systems, a large number of subsystems, such as elevators and door management systems as well as parking guidance and energy supply systems, can be easily controlled.

The central control system can be used at both superordinate and building level.

Increased safety, reliability and availability

With the help of the intelligent control system infraMaster city, possible disruptions and other critical events can be detected at an early stage and appropriate measures can be initiated immediately.

Through shorter response times, semi-autonomous intervention and the rapid deployment of operating personnel, infraMaster city increases the safety, reliability and availability of the urban infrastructure.

The intelligent networking of the urban infrastructure leads to a stable and efficient living space that creates a responsible and sustainable ecosystem.

infraMaster city at a glance

  • Central software platform for the visualization, monitoring and operational optimization of all infrastructures
  • Preventive measures to avoid system failures
  • Early detection of critical events and faults
  • Comprehensive alerting and semi-autonomous intervention 
  • Extension of the useful life of infrastructures
  • Event-based deployment of standby services
  • Dynamic intervention management
  • High level of integratability and user-friendliness
  • Optimized planning of maintenance and repair processes
  • Reduction of structural costs
  • The option of a hosted solution as-a-service to reduce investment costs

Added value for citizens

  • Can report events (e.g. road damage, defective lighting, vandalism, etc.) and is automatically informed about the status.
  • Receives transparent information about the condition of the infrastructure via web portal.
  • Smart citizens are more involved in community life.

Access Control

Automatically manage access to building infrastructures and schedule the exact times, when doors are open or locked.

Energy Grid

Reduction of secondary and rear-end collisions by anticipatory signaling of hazards.

Parking System

Network your community's parking facilities and provide detailed information about available parking spaces.

Fire Control

Comprehensive alerting and automatic dispatching of firefighters and emergency personnel in the event of a fire.

CCTV Monitoring

Integration of CCTV systems for detailed video monitoring.

Flood Prevention

Stay informed about the water levels of your rivers and lakes and receive alerts in case of critical levels.


Automatically control and optimize the lighting of buildings and roads.

Ice Warning

Anticipatory ice, snow and icy conditions warning for timely dispatch of winter service.

Climate Monitoring

Collect detailed data on climate and environmental conditions in your community and make it available online or at any location.

Accident Management

Take immediate action in case of accidents and critical incidents.

Traffic Control

Comprehensive tools for effective and dynamic traffic management.

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The central guidance system for urban living spaces