The innovative management system for tunnel infrastructures.

Reliable monitoring and seamless control

The smooth and safe operation of tunnel infrastructures poses a particular challenge for operators, as a large number of system-relevant subsystems must be reliably monitored and seamlessly controlled.

The tunnel management solution MyTunnel simplifies the continuous monitoring and control of complex tunnel infrastructures by bundling all subsystems , such as lighting, ventilation and traffic engineering, in a central application.

Complete integration of all systems and processes

MyTunnel is able to incorporate subsystems of any type and from different manufacturers and to integrate the processes of the individual subsystems into the central monitoring and control system.

As a result, MyTunnel improves the ability of police and maintenance to respond to operational and technical disruptions and makes a significant contribution to a more stable and safer operation of the tunnel system.

Individual tunnel systems and entire tunnel infrastructures

MyTunnel not only allows the precise monitoring and control of a single tunnel system, including all sub-systems, it is also able to combine several tunnel systems into a superordinate control system.

Each tunnel and system is visualized in MyTunnel with its respective processes and can be monitored and controlled directly out of the application.

MyTunnel as a higher-level control system

The visualization of a tunnel system in MyTunnel

Intelligent alarm monitoring

MyTunnel takes over the safety functions of the entire tunnel system and ensures the reliable operation of all processes by instantly detecting and alerting discruptions and critical events.

The alarms for operational and technical discruptions are signaled on a user-group-specific basis, guaranteeing that a discruption can be located and rectified quickly by the responsible entity (like police or maintenance).

The operators of a control center are actively and fully supported in dealing with alarms by partially automated processes and predefined workflows. As a result, emergency forces can be quickly deployed and disruptions and critical events can be handled promptly and efficiently.

Advanced access and user management

MyTunnel is characterized above all by the advanced management of access and user rights, which can be individually controlled and finely configured for each tunnel and each plant.

This makes it possible for a user to change his user role at runtime or for a plant manufacturer to gain limited access to a single subsystem.

MyTunnel at a glance

  • Central software platform for the monitoring and control of tunnel infrastructures
  • Preventive measures to avoid system failures
  • Early detection of critical events and incidents
  • Comprehensive alerting and semi-autonomous intervention
  • Extended life of infrastructures
  • Event-based deployment of standby services
  • Dynamic intervention management
  • High level of integratability and user-friendliness
  • Optimized planning of maintenance and repair processes
  • Reduction of structural costs
  • The option of a hosted solution as-a-service to reduce investment costs

Traffic Control


Providing comprehensive tools for effective and dynamic traffic management.

Fire Control

Comprehensive alerting and automatic deploy of firefighters and emergency personnel in the event of a fire.


Situational regulation of ventilation during critical events.

Congestion warning

Reduction of secondary and rear-end collisions by anticipatory signaling of hazards.

Construction Management

Detailed management of ongoing and planned construction sites.

CCTV Monitoring

Integration of CCTV systems for detailed video surveillance.

Lane Control

Regulation of traffic over single and multiple lanes.

Energy Grid

Monitoring of the power grid and rapid response to incidents and disturbances.

Access Control

Automatic control of accesses and escape routes of the tunnel infrastructure.


Detailed management of ongoing and planned construction sites.

Ice & Snow Warning

Anticipatory ice, snow and icy conditions warning for timely dispatch of winter service.

Accident Management

Taking immediate action in the event of accidents and critical incidents.

Traffic Measurement

Acquisition of measurement data for analysis and evaluation of the current and historical traffic situation.

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